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How to Write a Strong & Engaging Sponsored Post

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With influencer marketing taking the internet by storm, brands and business want to work with influencers who write compelling content and improve their user experience.

Sponsored content generates a lot of engagement and benefits businesses in more ways than one — increased reach, successful brand partnerships, extra income and happy readers. Research shows sponsored content boosts a website’s and brand’s credibility by 33 percent and improves the user experience when content is accurate, trustworthy and relevant.

But how do you tell if your content will succeed? We wrote this post to tell you how much money you can make with your sponsored content and the 10 elements to include in your content to make it strong and engaging every time.

How Much Money Can I Make With Sponsored Content?

Many influencers rely on sponsored content to earn income and use it to connect and benefit their audience. Followers or engagement rates and the content platform determine pricing.

For example, Instagram bloggers earn $10 for every 1,000 followers and $1,000 for every 100,000 followers. Or, if a post pays by engagements, 1,000 engagements earns an influencer $250-750 — $0.25-$0.75 per engagement.

Blogs earn money through impressions. If a post receives 10,000 to 50,000 impressions, the blogger earns $175-$250. With 500,000 impressions or more, bloggers earn $1,000-$5,000. On average, bloggers make $175-$5,000 per post.

*The above figures are averages and may vary

What Makes a Sponsored Post Successful?

When you work with brands, creating high-performing content is important. To guarantee your post succeeds, make sure it includes these 9 elements:

1. Quality Content

Content is everything for ranking and appearing in front of a wide audience. Quality content fulfills user intent and needs while it offers a pleasant user experience. Readers connect with quality content because it makes them experience emotions and connect with the writer.

To create quality content:

• Offer relevant consumer information which answers a question or solves a problem. People find value in something when they learn, so find a way to teach them.
• Organize your post for easy readability with headings, subheadings and bulleted or numbered lists.
• Diversify your content with images and video, which receives 94 percent more views than simple text.

2. Brand Connection

If you don’t connect to the brand you work with, you won’t want to write about it and your followers will be able to tell.

When deciding on which brands to partner with, ask yourself these questions:

• Does their mission statement align with my brand or personal values?
• What is their reputation?
• Do I already use their products or services?
• What content do they like to publish?
• Who else have they worked with?
• Will my audience relate and benefit from my partnerships with this brand?

Work with brands who share your values and vision for content. To connect with brands, consider the following actions:

• Reach out to brands whose products or services you admire.
• Tag brands in your content and post in their comments sections.
• Connect with other influencers who work with or partnered with them to hear their experience.

3. Clear Expectations

Approach a partnership like you would any business deal. When a brand offers to work with you, have all the facts.

Know how many posts you will produce, how much creativity you can exercise and how soon your deadline is. These influence your payment.

Other key components to ask about include:

• Campaign slogans, hashtags and keywords — ask what branded hashtags you should include and how often you should incorporate keywords in your description.
• What you must present in the content — ask if logos, packaging or product need to be featured in visual content.
• Links — ask about linking to their website, yours or a specific product page.

4. Mutual Benefit

A sponsored post succeeds when it benefits the influencer and the brand. Not only should the brand see a boost in traffic, but so should the influencer.

Likewise, the brand and influencer should experience higher levels of engagement and increased conversions.

To gauge engagement, look at these three metrics:

1. Likes — your audience’s response to your content.
2. Shares — how often your audience redistributes your content to others.
3. Comments — reactions and feedback based on your content.
4. Sessions or Visits — If you have a blog and have Google Analytics set up, you can easily track traffic (sessions and visits) and conversions (Number of conversions, conversion rate, bounce rate, pages/ session).

A successful post paves the way for future, potentially long-term, partnerships.

Since you know what makes sponsored content and partnerships successful, it’s time to write.

5. Specific Platform

Depending on the type of content or campaign, different platforms work better than others.

Blog posts work for a product review or step-by-step tutorial. If you need to promote a brand of sugar, reference it in your recipe and talk about how it changed the taste of your dish.

Instagram and Facebook work for product shots, contests and giveaways. If your product is coffee, insert the brand packaging next to your steaming mug.

YouTube works for video demonstrations and tutorials. If you promote a grocery service, do a shopping haul where you show viewers what you bought with price comparisons and an honest review.

6. Audience-Centered Content

Serving your audience is your first priority with sponsored content. Before you create your content, analyze your audience and think about what they want from your post.

Most users want:

• Honest opinions — honest reviews of products and services you tested.
• Solutions to problems — actionable steps users can take to solve their problems.
• Answers to questions — answers for common questions with research-based supporting evidence.

Provide all your audience wants to know about a product or service in your post. Then, take into account the brand’s specific requests for your content.

7. Transparency

In your post, note the brand or sponsor so you don’t mislead your audience. Place it at the end of the post, or state it in your text. If you opt to write about it in your post, also say why you chose to work with the brand and why you like them.

For example, you could start your post with a disclaimer, like “this post was sponsored by insert brand name, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.” If you have experience with a product or already use it and enjoy it, reference your history with the brand.

Transparency influences your credibility and encourages audience trust.

8. Conversational Tone

If brands wanted a sales advertisement, they would ask for one. They want authentic sponsored content from you because 70 percent of consumers prefer reading about products and services through influencers than traditional ads.

Keep your tone conversational, like you write for all your other posts. Tell stories and share personal thoughts discussing the product, service or brand to increase its relevance. Paint a picture for them so they enjoy reading your content and get all the necessary information.

When you sound too much like a salesperson or advertiser, audience members doubt your authenticity.

9. Calls for Feedback and Discussion

Use a call to action or ask a question at the end of your post to generate audience feedback and discussion.

Examples of clickable calls to action include:

• Get Started
• Join Now
• Start Today
• Begin Your Journey
• Tell Me About Your Personal Experience

Comments let you and the brand know if the content worked for your audience and what results it had on their future purchases or actions. Plus, you can ask them how they would like sponsored content presented in the future.

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