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How to Take Better Photos for Your Blog: Photo Tips for Bloggers

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The quality of your photos can make or break your blog. If you want to be successful as a blogger, sooner or later you are going to need to learn how to take better photos for your blog. That’s where these essential blogging photo tips come in!

Adding high-quality photos to your blog will catch readers’ eye and make them click on your link, your pin, your post, or however you promote yourself. It’ll keep them scrolling down for more, whether you write about a recipe you just made or a car you just test-drove. Hiring a professional photographer can be expensive, though, and your blog might not generate enough income right now to make it a good idea.

Fortunately, there are some easy ways to hold a professional-quality photoshoot on your own, even on the strictest budget. You aren’t limited to hiring a professional. You just have to get a little creative before you snap the lens.

Keep reading to learn how to take better photos for your blog!

Use the right technology: your smartphone is probably just fine! Just make sure it takes photos that are high enough quality.Use the Right Tech

Camera vs. smartphone: It’s your first big decision. Do you go out and buy a fancy camera, hoping it’ll pay for itself in the long run, or do you use the smartphone you already have? You already probably know how good your phone’s camera is from all those times you’ve tried to take a selfie or ten pictures of your dog falling asleep, so if you have confidence in its quality, you can feel free to use the phone you already have.

Run yourself through a quick introduction to smartphone photography just to make sure you know all your options for getting your picture just right. It’ll be easier than you think, and then you’re one step closer to boosting your blog’s success.

Play around with the lighting you end up using and take multiple shots before deciding on what picture to use in the final post.Get Perfect Lighting

Lighting is everything when it comes to photography. The brightest light you’ll get for free is outdoors, but unless you blog about an outdoor topic, that may be the wrong setting for your photos. Instead, look into recommended lighting kits to find one in your price range. This will save you time because you won’t have to move lamps around the room or buy additional lamps, only to find the lighting they provide isn’t what you want.

When you’re setting up the lighting for your photo, be careful of things like shadows, which will create a depth to your picture that may throw readers off. Bad lighting can also make your pictures too piercingly bright, which will distract the readers’ eyes and turn them away. Play around with the lighting you end up using and take multiple shots before deciding on what picture to use in the final post.

Try out different photography angles, like taking one top-down and one close-up.Play up the Angles

Sometimes a photo can look wrong no matter what you try to do to it, but have you experimented with how you angle a picture? Try out different photography angles, like taking one top-down — otherwise known as “flat lay” style — which is very popular on Instagram. Try a close-up shot for jewelry or food, or fun ground-up angles for topics that have to do with kids.

Tailor your angles and how you approach photos according to the social media you post on. Artsy shots won’t look as great on condensed Twitter photos, but they would definitely attract followers to an Instagram account. Think about where you’re going to use your photos, and angle them from there.

Take advantage of props and setting to create a nice background for your photos.Choose the Perfect Backdrop

The backdrops you use will depend on your niche. The first thing you might think of when you hear the word backdrop is a solid color. Iron out a bedsheet and drape over a table or the floor to make the subject of your photo relatable to anyone when set against a white background. Solid-colored backgrounds will make the focus of your picture pop.

But not every blog topic will be about an object you can put on a solid background. Food blogs should focus on subject-appropriate backgrounds by including colorful dishware or themed kitchen equipment like sheet pans or cutting boards, depending on the recipe. Lifestyle blogs can take advantage of backgrounds like clean living rooms or porches. As long as everything behind the subject of your photo is clean and crisp, it’ll look professional.

Bring Out the Props

Photography props should blend in with whatever background you choose to make the center of your picture look more at home.

For example, a blog that talks about how to be successful at work might do a post on how to have an organized calendar. Whether it’s hand-written or computerized, imagine a picture of the calendar with a vase of flowers in the background, maybe a jar of pens and some picture frames. Everything should look like it belongs in the shot.

It can be a good idea to start a collection of attractive props that suit the subject of your blog. If your blog is about journaling, you can use decorative desk supplies like clipboards, pens, scissors, and more. Food bloggers can use scattered ingredients as props. Many bloggers even use their Macbook as a trendy, techy prop!

Edit Away

Where there are photos, there’s probably going to be some photo editing. If you’re not editing your photos before posting them, that could be why they aren’t as popular as you’d like them to be! Do you know how to do all of the following common techniques?

  • Cropping and resizing
  • White balancing
  • Adding text to the image

These are what most bloggers will do to their photos before posting them, and you should try to do the same.

Can’t afford Photoshop? I hear ya. Use a free online photo editing tool that’ll help you get similar results without spending all the cash, like Pixlr or Canva. If you use Mac, check out Pixelmator – it’s a fully-featured photo editing app available for just $30.

Start Taking Better Photos for Your Blog Today

Taking good pictures for your blog will help you get people to visit and subscribe or check back regularly. They make your blog posts more shareable and relatable, which is exactly what you should want them to be. The next time you’re making a new post and decide it’s time to take a photo or two for it, try these easy tips to make sure you’re getting the best photos possible.

In time, you’ll hone your photography skills and be snapping away with ease. And if your pictures do their job and help bring more visitors to your site, you may end up making enough money to get that fancy camera or hire someone to help take them to the next level. Until then, have confidence in yourself to take the kinds of pictures you dream of, because you can!

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