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The Secret to Getting Hundreds of Shares on Your Blog Posts

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How do some bloggers achieve overnight success with thousands of shares hours after publishing their first post? It can’t all be honest, right?

You bite your lip, trying not to get overly spammy on your channels, but the button on your mouse risks getting worn into nothing as you keep pressing refresh. Come on shares! Somebody share the post already!

What do you do when your content is on point, but your readers are either superheroes with the power of invisibility or missing altogether? Is your theme coded with Green En-Kryptonite or something?

Jokes help for a solid minute, but beyond that — those shares matter. They tell you about how successful you are as a blogger, and I don’t know about you — but I definitely link that to my ego. A while back, my ego suffered badly as a result of low shares. High numbers didn’t matter. I just wanted those few hundred honest shares. Eventually, I put in the work and got them.

They say, “If you build it, they will come.” To that, I say “Ha!” Sure, they’ll come, read and move on. Good content keeps them lurking and hopefully subscribing, but sharing implies an organic and powerful connection you have with a reader.

When you see a share, you let out a little cheer. It rewards your ego and heart, but shares also show social proof and provide authority to other readers and brands that you’ve got your niche down. You know what to say, and you aren’t here to play!

If you’re running a bit low in the share category, don’t worry. Here are some tips to help.

Share Content Automatically

Once you post content, you should immediately share it on Facebook and Pinterest. Social media management apps, like Buffer and Hootsuite, exist to make your life easier, so you’re not hopscotching from one platform to another to manually post. It will automatically detect your post and shepherd it to the masses of new readers who will eagerly eat up that post and the one after it.

Always Track Sharing

Master the Google Analytics URL Builder now and easily track your shares. You can include extra details with your site link, and whenever traffic comes back your way, you know the origin point. Always track sharing, so you know which strategies work best and which to nix.

Know Why You Share on Facebook

Maybe this harkens back to the whole “If I build my blogger empire, they will come” thing, but you must know why you share on Facebook. Know why you write and share your own content, but also notice what makes you share other content, too.

Marketo researched Facebook shares, gathering over 30,000 data points from 67 Facebook pages going back over the course of 30 days’ worth of content. They found that people like posts eight times more than they share. Marketo discovered an interesting secret about viral shares — people share on Facebook for specific reasons, and here they are:

1. To give and promote offers, deals, discounts or contests.

2. To warn about a potential danger, such as a brand label recall. It’s even more powerful when the piece digs deep into all the evidence and provides a to-the-point discussion.

3. To advise about relatable issues everyone faces — got to love the popularity of a how-to post.

4. To amuse people with funny photos and memorable quotes. Interestingly, general audience appeal worked best with humor that didn’t push over the edge too far.

5. To amaze with astounding picture and stupefying facts.

6. To inspire with motivational words or quotes.

7. To unite everyone together. Spread the positivity. You can also watch an issue escalate from various sides that you have a point on — if you share at the right time, your readers likely will relate and share, too.

Of course, a post will likely do more than one of these several things, and a reader may latch onto a separate idea than the one you bolded to get their attention. That’s okay. Your reader is reading deeply and thinking thoughtfully — and is more likely to share.

Don’t be afraid to appeal to one of these motivating forces by putting it in a headline or making a call to action. Don’t create or cultivate click bait, but there’s nothing wrong with getting more to the point.

Share and Share Alike on Pinterest

You need to be active on Pinterest to keep your views up. There’s no way around it.

First, set your pinning goals high and keep pinning posts. Mix in a few others’ posts, too.

You can use apps like Tailwind to schedule posts and monitor detailed analytics. Did you know that on this platform, users pin an average of 28 times a day? Aim higher. Join “tribes” to get more shares on multiple boards and people’s posts to share in support.

A good rule of thumb is to pin about 60 to 70 percent of your own content and make the rest from other sources once you’re established. Interestingly, it works in reverse for newbies. Start out sharing about a fourth of your own content and majorly boost everyone else. Social support is contagious.

Final Pinterest tip: Share the ones that fit with your niche and that you earnestly love. That’s key!

Getting Shares Is Possible

Getting hundreds of shares isn’t hard. Finding what works for you may be a journey, but when you make that earnest connection with a reader, it’s the best feeling.

So, share and share alike, and know the why behind shares on Facebook and Pinterest. Most likely, you started your blog to inspire, advise, amuse and give to others anyway. Sharing is caring.

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