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Are You a Pet Blogger?

If there’s one thing we know about animal lovers, it’s that their pets are pampered and treated like family. This is no different for pet bloggers, they just use their platform to show the world just how much they love their pets. Pet bloggers use their love for animals to help their audience navigate the world of being a pet owner. They choose carefully curated topics that their readers can relate to, and show a genuine interest in helping them. Whether it be reviewing a new brand of dog food that’s gotten some mixed reviews, or sharing tips for holiday decorating with pets, pet bloggers know just what they’re audience is looking for. Are you a pet blogger? Maybe you’re looking to become a dog brand ambassador? If so, we want to get to know you. Our pet brands are looking for creators like you to collaborate with.

pet influencer with dogBecome a Pet Brand Ambassador

Our pet influencer network consists of pet bloggers who are looking to collaborate with brands, and brands who are looking to get their name out there to pet owners. Our goal we set out to achieve is to create the most authentic match for both the blogger and the brand. Your audience will greatly appreciate your content remaining organic and natural when collaborating with brands. We set out to ensure a great match, every time. 

Influencer Marketing for Pet Bloggers

In addition to creating a great partnership, we focus on creating an atmosphere where our pet brand ambassadors have freedom to create as they please. Our influencers have the option to approve or deny products or brands they’re paired with if they feel it wouldn’t be a good fit. This includes being able to create a manageable schedule of content creation for your lifestyle. We as a pet influencer agency believe our creators should remain in control of their blog and remain true to their content.

Our Match Process

Accepting a Mission

Choose to accept the missions you want to! Our pet brand ambassadors have the ability to accept and decline the missions presented to them. We make sure our influencer can choose their schedule and that every match we create is one they are excited about.

Blog Post Preparation 

When our Rainmaker pet influencers accept a mission to work with a brand/product, we begin the process! The content creation process includes setting up the project, such as discussing the timeline and the details of the content.

Building the Content

Carefully crafting the content is where our influencers bring their expertise! Our bloggers create the content in their typical style and fashion per the specs discussed with the brand. Our creators have the ability to write their content just as they typically would. We create an easy, manageable atmosphere for our network of pet influencers.

cat and pet bloggerMeasure the Success

We work together to measure the success of the project! This includes evaluating the  performance of the blog post using data based on the initial goals set.

Earn Money from Food Blogging

The best part, get paid for your passion! Continue doing what you love and earn for your contributions. Our content creators receive payment within 30 days after the project has been completed.

Join Rainmaker Collective Pet Influencer Network

Ready to start earning for your passions? We’re here to help. Pet influencer marketing can be difficult to navigate, let us make it easy for you. Check out our Influencer page to learn more about us. Join our team and start making money today. Have a question? Feel free to reach out to us here!