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Are You a Parenting Rainmaker?

Are you a parenting blogger? Have you mastered parenting? Do others go to you for parenting tips and advice? If so, you may be the right fit for our parenting influencer network!

At the Rainmaker Collective, we need parenting bloggers like you who create content which inspires and educates readers on all things parenting and connects them with the resources they need.

Common Topics Top Parenting Bloggers Write About

When it comes to parenting and blogging, there are few topics that don’t fall under the parenting blog umbrella. Parenting blogs are perfect if you love to write about:

  • Cooking for a family
  • Educating children
  • Family activities (indoors and outdoors)
  • Bargain hunting
  • Staying organized
  • Enjoying motherhood or fatherhood
  • DIY and crafts for kids
  • Parenting tips
  • Traveling with kids

Don’t see a topic that you like to write about? The above list of topics just scratches the surface. Our parenting influencers write about many topics to do with parenting and often will cover multiple parenting topics throughout their blog posts. Contact us if you aren’t sure if your blog covers the right kind of parenting topics.

parent blogger poses for photo with babyExamples of Parenting Blog Posts

No two parenting blogs are the same, yet many produce amazing content.

Some blogs cover everything to do with parenting. A great mom blog, Caffeine & Fairydust, is one example of how personal stories weave into parenting lessons and tips. Her posts cover a variety of topics from giveaways, recipes and tips, to personal life updates.

Though some blogs focus on broad topics, others thrive in niche areas of parenting. For example, Moments a Day features products and articles dedicated to family personal growth. Another blog with a particular focus — Have Baby Will Travel — narrows their focus on babies and toddlers and everything you need to know about traveling with them.

Parenting blogs offer a variety of opportunities for influencers to work with brands and create sponsored posts, like paid reviews, promotions and other content. At the Rainmaker Collective, we work with brands and bloggers to craft missions, which drive results. Some of our most successful missions resulted in campaigns which utilized influencers’ strengths to produce amazing content.

*These are provided as examples and are not necessarily influencers actually in our network

How to Make Money as a Parenting Micro-Influencer and Blogger  

Parenting blogs earn money in a variety of ways. Below are four popular avenues we found:

Affiliate Links

With all the products you purchase as a parent — clothes, cleaning supplies, laundry products, appliances and food — you probably have your favorite brands and trusted products. Why not share them with your followers and get paid to do so?

Affiliate marketing helps influencers earn income through receiving a commission each time one of their followers purchases a product through their custom affiliate link. When your followers click on your link, their browser redirects them to a page where they can purchase the product.

However, affiliate links have some drawbacks:

  • The links take readers away from your blog.
  • Visitors must make a purchase for you to receive commission.
  • Commission values vary depending on total purchase amounts.

Guides and E-Books

Parenting blogs have a wealth of knowledge and experience, which they share with their readers through guides and e-books. Guides and e-books take content from blog posts and go deeper into details and specifics.

For example, if you have a blog post about healthy lunches, a guide could dive into children’s nutrition, recipes and meal prep strategies.

Or, if you have a post about helping your child transition to college, an e-book could lay out everything a parent would need to know about the college process. Examples of possible sections include a supply list, an expense calculator, questions to ask on college visits and financial concerns.

But, if you don’t have the time to devote to the process of creating and publishing guides and e-books, producing digital products may not be your ideal route.

Online Courses

Similar to guides and e-books, online courses allow bloggers to share their knowledge while also cultivating a community. Instead of walking followers through a process on paper, online courses humanize your blog and establish a strong face-to-face connection between you and your followers.

Online courses may operate as seminars and demonstrations on various aspects of parenting life, like:

  • Making healthy lunches
  • DIY-ing a bookshelf or storage unit
  • Walking through the stages of parenthood
  • Navigating parent-child relationships

But, online courses take time and effort to produce, which takes you away from creating content.

Sponsored Content

Partnering with brands and creating sponsored content is a great way to collaborate with companies you already use and love while sharing your knowledge with followers. Plus, you grow your following as you earn income to produce valuable content.

Examples of sponsored content opportunities include:

  • Giveaways — companies provide you with merchandise to give away, usually through a contest on your blog or social media.
  • Reviews — brands send a selection of products for you to review on your blog or social channel.
  • Posts — brands contract you to write a blog post where you mention them or a specific product or service.
  • Videos and Podcasts — companies offer to sponsor a video, livestream or podcast episode where you endorse their product or brand.
  • Social Media Campaigns — brands sponsor Facebook or Instagram stories or a post where you feature them or a specific product or service.

Sponsored content gives you the opportunity to harness your creativity as a blogger and provide value to your readers through promoting products and services, which may benefit them.

father crafts with his child for parenting blogHow to Find Brands to Work With as a Parenting Blogger

Some bloggers may wait around for brands to find them, but counting on brand outreach doesn’t always work. We recommend you seek out opportunities and brands to work with. For more success finding brands to partner with, try one of the following strategies:

Reach Out to Brands on Social Media

When you find a brand to work with, grab their attention and engage with them on social media. Reach out to brands through:

  • Tagging. When you create content, tag a brand you want to work with so they notice you.
  • Commenting. Provide feedback on brand content to show interest.
  • Sharing. Share their content with your audience to attract their attention and receive your own in return.

Pitch With an Email

Email pitches show dedication and commitment and may draw recognition from brands. Yet, with many emails flooding company inboxes, you want to make sure yours stands out. Successful email pitches include:

  • A strong subject line. Get the brand’s attention with a hook which conveys what your email says and shows off your personality.
  • A few concise paragraphs. Introduce yourself and go into your pitch. Limit yourself to three or four sentences before proposing what you will do for the brand. Use bullet points for the key takeaways for your pitch. Then, thank them for their time and consideration.
  • An informative signature. Provide additional contact information and links in your signature so the brand easily finds you.
  • Join an Influencer Network

Join an Influencer Network

An influencer network, like the Rainmaker Collective, is where brands and influencers find each other and establish collaborations to create successful sponsored content campaigns. All the stress and hassle of catching a brand’s eye and networking falls away so influencers return to focusing on creating inspiring content for their readers.

Influencer networks are perfect for parents and content creators who already have enough on their hands.

Become a Rainmaker

When you sign up and become a Rainmaker, we match you with brands who share your passion and vision. After you accept your mission, we plan and schedule your campaigns so you only have to focus on creating inspiring content for your followers.

After you complete a mission, we analyze the success of your content and collaboration and ensure you receive payment for your hard work.

So, don’t wait! Join today and watch sponsored opportunities pour in. We can’t wait to see how your content inspires others.