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Are You an Outdoors Rainmaker?

Are you a nature blogger? Do you simply love the outdoors and writing about it? Are you a weekend explorer or an avid adventurer? Do you take your dog, your camera or your family with you everywhere? If so, you may be the right fit for our outdoors influencer network!

At the Rainmaker Collective, we need outdoors bloggers like you who create content which inspires readers to pursue their own adventures and connect with the earth.

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Common Topics Outdoor Adventure Influencers Write About

When it comes to adventuring and blogging, there are multiple trails to explore. Many of our outdoors bloggers enjoy writing about:

  • Hiking — gear, supplies, trails, clothes and tips
  • Hunting — licenses, seasons, terminology, rules and regulations and tips
  • Fishing — equipment, fish, lakes and streams and tips
  • Outdoors activities — trail running, kayaking and canoeing, mountain biking, rock climbing, boating, camping and backpacking
  • Sports — skiing, ultra-marathon running, rowing, cycling and snowboarding
  • Sustainability — eco-friendly traveling, gardening and composting

Sharing all aspects of your love for nature and the outdoors is the best adventure for an outdoors blogger.

Examples of Outdoor Lifestyle Blog Posts

All kinds of outdoors and adventure blogs succeed as sources of influence and inspiration. The following are just two examples.

A popular outdoors blog — The Adventure Journal — serves as an example of how many topics go along with the outdoors blogging niche. Their content includes gear guides; informational articles on news, people and culture; and recipes designed for the outdoor cook.

Or, if you have one area of focus, you can still find plenty to blog about. Many outdoors blogs thrive in specific sectors with dynamic content. For example, The Adventure Blog focuses on their own travels and climbing adventures and reports news. Their site features huge images and videos for viewers to have a multimedia experience with their content.

With all your adventures, there’s no end to the stories you could tell and the content you could share.

As an outdoors blogger with the Rainmaker Collective, you collaborate with brands who share your passion. Working together, we send you on adventures where you create inspiring content, which results in successful missions and campaigns benefiting both influencer and brand.

*These are provided as examples and are not necessarily influencers actually in our network

How to Make Money as an Outdoors Blogger

When you decide to make money as an outdoors blogger, you have multiple options. Below we listed the four most popular income streams we found:

Display Ads

The most basic way to generate some income for your blog is through advertisements. Display ads rest in your header or side bar, offering products and services related to your content.

Outdoors and adventure bloggers may run ads from companies whose equipment they enjoy or whose products and services may benefit their readers.

However, advertisements have pitfalls:

  • The ads distract from your content.
  • Ads may diminish the user experience by disrupting reader’s engagement with your content.
  • The amount you make from running ads is minimal.
  • Commission may only result from visitors clicking on the ad, which takes them away from your blog.

Digital Guides and Printables

Printables and digital guides allow bloggers to provide actionable resources and in-depth information to their readers.

For example, if you have a blog post which talks about camping, a printable you could offer would be a checklist of all the supplies you need.

Or, if you have multiple posts about the best trails you hiked all over the state or country, you could create a guide so readers find them all in one place. Along with the hikes, you can include tips, things to look for and local attractions.

Yet, self-publishing and creating digital content takes time, which prevents you from pursuing more adventures.

Physical Products

Embracing the great outdoors requires preparation and gear. Instead of sifting through hundreds of products, which fail to suit your needs, why not create your own?

Some products outdoors influencers develop are:

  • Water bottles
  • Trail snacks
  • Backpacks
  • Multi-tools
  • Clothes

While bloggers enjoy the creative process, producing and marketing products requires a large investment of time and money.

Sponsored Content

Sponsored content allows nature influencers to work with brands who fit their vision and expose their content to a wider audience. Plus, each sponsorship serves as an opportunity for a new adventure in brand partnership and content creation.

Examples of sponsored content adventure bloggers produce include:

  • Merchandise Giveaways — brands provide you with products or gear to give away, usually through a contest.
  • Product Reviews — brands send a selection of products for you to test out and review for your audience.
  • Branded Posts — brands ask you to write a blog post where you mention them or a specific product or service in relation to a topic.
  • Multimedia Content — companies offer to sponsor a video or podcast where you endorse a product or service before talking about other content.
  • Social Campaigns — brands sponsor social media posts or campaigns where you feature them or a specific product or service.
  • Trips — some companies may send you on a trip and have you document your experience.

Sponsored content gives you the opportunity to climb high in the influencer market while creating the content you love.

outdoors blogger sits by the oceanHow to Find Brands to Work With as an Outdoors Blogger

To establish connections with brands who share your love for all things outdoors, follow one of these three strategies.

Connect on Social Media

When you find a brand to work with, grab their attention by engaging them on social media. Reach out to brands through:

  • Tagging. When you create content, tag a brand you want to work with so they notice you.
  • Commenting. Provide feedback on brand content to show interest.
  • Sharing. Share their content with your audience to attract their attention and receive your own in return.

Send an Email

Email pitches help brands notice and recognize you. Yet, with many emails flooding company inboxes, you want to make sure yours stands out. Focus on these three key areas:

  • Subject line — Hook the brand and convey what your email says with a little show of personality.
  • Pitch Paragraphs. Limit your introduction to a few sentences and then jump into your pitch. Emphasize what you will do for the brand and use bullet points for key takeaways.
  • Signature. Thank them for their time and consideration before adding additional contact information.

Collaborate with an Influencer Network

An influencer network, like the Rainmaker Collective, connects brands and influencers and sends them off on adventurous collaborations. You find brands who share your vision and desire your content effortlessly because Rainmaker networks and establishes connections for you.

Influencer networks are ideal for content creators who want to focus on the next adventure and creating inspiring content.

Your Next Adventure

At the Rainmaker Collective, we never want you to lose your sense of passion and adventure for content creation because you find it difficult to connect with brands and grow a following.

When you sign up and become a Rainmaker, we make influencer marketing simple. We match you with brands who fit your vision and set up collaborative missions, which allow you to produce the content you love and get paid for it.

So, don’t wait. Your next adventure awaits! Join the Rainmaker Collective today.