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Why Do I Need an Email List for My Blog?

By January 3, 2018 No Comments

So, you’re an established blogger enjoying increasing readership by the month, but you haven’t even thought of building an email list. It’s common to adopt the mindset, “Everything’s working well, so what’s the use?” However, there are several reasons why email lists are essential, especially if you’re serious about blog monetization.

Email Is One of the Most Widely Used Communication Methods

One of the reasons why you may have overlooked making an email list until now is that people often don’t view email as an interesting way to communicate. Plus, it’s been around for a while, and individuals frequently text their friends and colleagues instead of composing emails. However, email certainly isn’t dead. In fact, many social media networks and rampantly popular apps ask people to sign in with email accounts.

If you took a poll of friends, it’d be doubtful you’d find someone who doesn’t have an email address. With that in mind, you can consider that email is one of the most prevalent methods of getting in touch with readers. That also means it’s one of the easiest and most direct ways to reach out.

You Can Personalize Emails and Send Them to Separate Groups

When used correctly, emails also become gestures of appreciation or include information relevant to particular groups of blog readers. It’s easy to personalize and segment emails by putting a reader’s first name in a message, discussing relatable topics or saying “thanks” for signing up to the list and agreeing to get notifications about your new posts.

Statistics indicate people are 14% more likely to open segmented emails than non-segmented ones. You could target readers from certain countries, send messages to those who have read your most recent blog post or focus on the individuals who most frequently give feedback on your material.

Use an Email List to Grow Your Social Media Following

Experts assert there are strong reasons to have an email list from the start of your blogging career. One thing that should encourage you to stop procrastinating about building one is that you can depend on an email list to broaden your social media reach.

Perhaps you initially started your blog out of a desire to earn money, plus establish yourself as an authority figure. Consider how easy it is to add social media following links to the end of an email message along with a simple call to action such as, “Thanks for your continued interest in my blogging adventures! To stay in the loop even more, follow my social media profiles.”

Like it or not, people often go to social media profiles to gauge the worthiness of a blog. When trustworthy friends give nods of approval your blog, that helps. However, you’ll potentially lose that momentum if would-be readers see you only have 200 Likes on Facebook and determine you’re not prolific enough to warrant readership.

Discover Crucial Statistics About Your Reader Base

Besides sending informative content to your blog readers, think about making a short survey they’ll want to fill out. By requesting specific details from the people who follow your blog, it’s easier to learn the topics that’ll most likely drive traffic levels, the things people find frustrating about your blog or the demographics associated with the readers.

You might also tap into your email list to figure out the best money-making strategies that resonate with readers. Have you been going back and forth between writing an e-book people can buy and offering an online discussion that includes paid tickets? A survey could help you figure out which of those choices is the most feasible. If both seem lucrative, that outcome says you’re on the right track with understanding what readers want.

Getting Started with an Email List for Your Blog

Now that you’ve learned about several reasons why you shouldn’t delay making an e-mail list, the most pressing question on your mind is likely, “How do I get started?” MailChimp is one of the leading e-mail automation programs. It lets you launch targeted campaigns, distribute automated messages based on readers’ actions, and even integrates with an online store if you use your blog as a selling platform.

Wondering how much it costs? There’s a free version, and the premium plans start at $10 a month.

Thanks to everything you’ve just read, it should be obvious that an email list could boost your readership and blog profits simultaneously. It also equips you to learn more about readers, so you can cater to their preferences and needs.

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