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We’re seeking content creators who have a passion for what they do to join our influencer network. With over 750 brands partnering with our Rainmaker Team, we connect our influencer team with the perfect brand match, every time. The best part? You decide what works with your influencer content strategy and schedule. We give our content creators flexibility, and allow them to stay true to the content they typically create. Learn more about joining our influencer marketing network below and sign up today.

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How It Works


We carefully match our clients’ products to our Rainmakers’ interests and audience, crafting a mission with specific goals and deliverables.


If the Rainmaker chooses to accept the mission, we collaborate on a timeline and ship the product.


Our Rainmakers do what they do best: create authentic content and start meaningful conversations.


We work together to collect detailed information about the success and reach of the campaign.


After the mission is complete, we send payment within 30 days.
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Are You a Rainmaker?

  • Rainmakers are original content creators, whether they publish that content to a blog, share it to an engaged social following, or through a contributor role on a larger platform.
  • Rainmakers build trust with their audience by creating content that is personal, authentic, and relatable.
  • Rainmakers with blogs have been blogging consistently for six months or more and have invested in their web presence by purchasing a domain name.
  • Rainmakers balance out sponsored content with an equal or greater amount of non-sponsored content.
  • Rainmakers craft an engaging story with strong, personable writing and attractively-styled original photography.

Bloggers Supporting Bloggers

We’re on your side. Rainmaker Collective was founded by content creators just like you. We found an opportunity to build mutually beneficial relationships with brands, and wanted to make that process easier for others.

Rainmaker Collective Blog

On our blog, we craft simple, actionable guides for the things content creators need to know, like how to style a photoshoot on a budget and some media kit essentials.

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