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How to Choose a Niche: The Importance of Defining a Blog Niche

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One of the first questions people ask when you tell them that you’re a blogger is, “What do you write about?” For many, the excited, honest answer is that you write about whatever you want! That can be a great joy that comes from blogging. You can speak your mind and get feedback and communication with people who are interested in the same things you are.

But that same joy can cause a big problem — there’s a difference between blogging and journaling, especially if your goal is to gain readers and make money. If you post most often about what you cook, that’s what users will visit your site to read about, not the occasional rants about your immediate ant problem in your kitchen or how you didn’t get to go to the pool today like you thought you would.

If you’re about to start a blog or just started recently, you’re in the perfect position to consider what niche your writing falls into. Figuring this out is essential to having a successful blog, because readers will grow if you stay consistent with a topic they’re interested in, and that’s not the only benefit. Keep reading to learn how to choose a niche for your blog.

You Won’t Lose Motivation

No matter what content you write or what platform you write it for, at some point, your writing will lose steam, and you’ll be left wondering what you’re supposed to talk about next. It happens to everyone, but it can be especially difficult to get going again if you don’t have an idea of the general topic you’re supposed to write about — that’s where your niche comes in.

Think about your most recent posts or article ideas, then tell yourself, “I am a ___ writer.” This blank can be filled in with something like “health and fitness,” “lifestyle” or “educational.” A niche is as a genre, and your posts are where you can get specific. As long as you know your readers will be visiting your blog to read about relationship articles or cooking posts, you’ll have some guidance next time you find yourself drawing a mental blank.

You’ll Make More Money

This may not be your number one goal in setting up and running your blog, but it sure doesn’t hurt to be able to make some extra cash off what you write. If your readers can depend on you to have consistent posts on a particular topic, you’ll gain more visitors and email subscribers. In addition, context-relevant ads, like AdSense, will be more clearly defined for your site and therefore more profitable.

Once you get to have a well-known blog name, you might find sponsors coming to you instead of the other way around. They’ll be able to recognize if your niche and voice will represent their products in the positive way they’d like, which they can’t do if you don’t have a definite forte representing you before anyone clicks to open a single post.

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Research Will Be Easier

Some posts you write may not require research depending on your topic and the goal for that particular post. Imagine that you’re writing about this cupcake recipe you tried and loved. You’ll probably only want to write about the process of baking the cakes and your thoughts of the experience. If you’re going to be writing about something like finances, you may need to do research to back up any facts or statistics you’re going to include.

Research is always so much easier when you know the point of what you’re writing about. Without having an established niche, your goal might be different every time. You’re writing about this episode you just watched to vent about it or a life lesson you experienced today so others can learn from you. But how do they relate to each other, to your blog as a whole? Blogs can educate and entertain, so what will yours do? Decide your blog’s niche and then get writing.

Thinking about what niche fits with how you want your blog to run can be overwhelming. It’s easier just to start writing posts about whatever is on your mind instead of pinpointing a theme or direction for them all. Then if you start thinking about all the potential future posts you want to write but still don’t know what they’ll be about, you can psych yourself out from not only figuring out what niche your writing falls in line behind but from writing altogether.

Take a deep breath and analyze what you’ve already written or what you plan to write. The fact of the matter is that your niche is already there. It’s buried beneath your post ideas and blog ambitions. You just have to put a name to the face of it and never lose sight of what your blog is meant to be. For that small effort, you’ll gain readers and earn some extra cash.

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