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How Long Should I Wait to Monetize My Blog?

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Figuring out the best time to monetize your blog isn’t an easy decision. Should you monetize from day one, or would it be better to wait until your site is getting a certain amount of traffic?

Blogging experts such as Darren Rowse recommend going ahead and monetizing your blog from the beginning if that is your plan. Rather than asking if you should monetize early in the blogging process, it might be better to figure out how you would monetize early on, as well as how that might change as your audience grows.

Early Days

When you first launch your blog, it will take a while to get content added and begin to see traffic from your efforts. It’s probably best to stick with affiliate programs at first, such as Amazon or Chitika. You’ll get a percentage from any sales, and you get to cheese which items you sponsor on your site.

You may not have your own products to sell yet since you are just getting started, so affiliate programs or AdSense is the best way to go at this point. You can always reduce these later and focus more on your own offerings.

Something to Sell

Another school of thought is that you should wait until you have something to sell to the consumer, then monetize your blog. With this method, you would start to add content and techniques that will drive traffic to your website. At the same time, you’d work on creating a book or course your target audience would be interested in purchasing.

Once you have a bit of traffic, try to convert those site visitors into subscribers. You now have a way to reach out and quickly let these email subscribers know you have a new product or service available.

How to Monetize

Figuring out the best way to monetize your site isn’t an easy task, either. Perhaps you don’t want to bother with creating your own product to sell. Maybe you aren’t sure what to create. Taking the time to study what other bloggers are doing to monetize their sites can provide you with unique ideas that will allow you to make money from your blog more quickly.

Perhaps you’d like to sell sponsored blog posts, but you aren’t sure where to start or how much traffic you should have before you try to sell to brands. In a nutshell, how much you can charge for a sponsored post relates to how much traffic your blog gets. So, in the early days, you might charge a minimal fee, but as you reach thousands of visitors, then you’d charge more. Study what your competitors are charging and adjust your prices accordingly.

Adapt Over Time

As time goes on, your blog will change, and your audience will grow. As this happens, you might find monetization strategies that worked when you first started your blog no longer do. In these instances, you’ll need to take the time to study your monetization tactics and adjust accordingly.

If you notice your competitor is selling courses on something you’re an expert in, then consider developing your own lessons. Also, don’t be afraid to create multiple streams of revenue for your blog. If your AdSense earnings drop drastically, you might also have income from courses you offer on your site, so you won’t be devastated by the monetary loss from AdSense. Be ready to change anything that allows you to continue to grow.

When to Start Monetizing

Ask a group of bloggers when the best time is to start monetizing, and you’re likely to get a different answer from each. The key to knowing when to start monetizing is understanding what your goals are for your blog. If your goal is to make money, then the sooner you get started with monetization strategies, the better.

But even though some may argue that it is never too early to monetize your blog, it is also true that not all monetization tactics are successful. By regularly studying your target audience and internal analytics, you can make tweaks that allow you to increase your blog’s income from month to month and year to year.

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