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Are you a Health & Fitness Rainmaker?

Are you a blogger? Has your blog been around for at least 6 months? Do you receive at least 10,000 visitors to your blog every month? Do you know how to create topics that are compelling and content that keeps visitors scrolling? Have you invested in your web presence by purchasing a domain name for your blog?

Are you a health and fitness blogger? Do you love staying healthy, exercising or eating right? If so, you may be the right fit for our health and fitness influencer network.

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Common Topics Health and Fitness Influencers Write About

There are many topics within heath and fitness. Our health and fitness influencers commonly write about the following topics:

  • Healthy Eating
  • Exercises
  • Motivation Tips
  • Nutrition
  • Vitamins and Minerals
  • Meal Planning
  • Health Goals
  • Dieting

The above list is just the start.

How to Make Money as a Health and Fitness Blogger

To make money off a blog post, you must first grow your traffic and following. If you are trying to grow your following check out our tips on our blog. Once you have established a following, there are numerous ways to make money through a blog, here are the most popular ways that fitness bloggers make money:

  • By promoting or selling products or services through sponsored posts on your blog – Get paid to drive traffic, brand awareness and overall purchases by mentioning or linking to a specific brand, product or service.
  • By including ads on your blog post – If your blog receives enough traffic, you may show ads on your blog. These are commonly called display ads, and you will receive compensation for showing them on your site.
  • By making a profit from affiliate sales – you gain a percentage of a sale when someone purchases a product you linked to on your blog.

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How to Find Brands to Work With as a Health and Fitness Blogger

One of the hardest parts of influencer blogging for health and fitness bloggers is finding reputable brands to work with for sponsored posts and affiliate marketing.

Here are the main two ways to build relationships with brands who are willing to pay health and fitness bloggers for sponsored content:

Direct outreach: If you love a brand, a local shop, or a specific product, reach out to the company. Get a small portfolio together of past work, a summary of your site traffic and engagement metrics and create an elevator pitch. Introduce yourself and make sure to tie in why the business will benefit from your sponsored post. It is always great to go in hand with any kind of demographics about your visitors that may pair up with their target audience. If you are not sure who to reach out to, research on LinkedIn to try to get in front of the most relevant person on their team. Look for job titles such as Influencer Outreach Coordinator, Content Writing Specialist, and any title with Press, PR or Media in it.

Joining a Health and Fitness Influencer Network: Influencer networks establish relationships with brands, so you do not have to go through the outreach process. Brands will go to the influencer network, and the influencer network will pair up a blogging influencer to work with the brand. The influencer network takes care of the pay, so you are guaranteed to get paid. Influencer networks reduce time spent in outreach so you can focus on blogging. In addition, larger brands work with influencer networks.

Rainmaker Collective was created by a group of bloggers who created strong relationships with brands who will pay bloggers to write sponsored content. Since, the relationships have grown in number and in strength. We now have over 1000 brands working with us to pair with bloggers in our network. If you are a health and fitness blogger, join our influencer network today or contact us with questions.

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