food bloggerAre you a Food and Beverage Blogger?

The web has given the world the opportunity to explore the food and beverage industry like never before. Testing out new restaurants, new beverage products, new items at the grocery store has become a hobby for many. Blog content is evergreen in the food and beverage industry; there’s always something new to check out or review. Does your passion lie in providing your readers with the top restaurants in your area? Ever wonder how to earn money for food blogging? There are readers out there hungry for this type of content, and the brands we partner with are hungrier to get their name out there! 

Connect with Food and Beverage Brands


Our food and beverage industry influencers are paired with our brands looking to create content for their products. We create the best pair for both the influencer and the brand! It’s all about the match that is going to provide the most authentic content, for the influencer, brand, and consumers! Our brands are looking to be paired with bloggers who are passionate about the food and beverage industry and create authentic content together. Ready to connect with them, and make money while doing what you love?


food blogger takes pictures of donutsInfluencer Marketplace for Food Bloggers

Here at Rainmaker Collective, we focus on creating a space for influencers that is totally customizable for our influencers. Our influencers choose what brands/ products they’d like to take on! If our influencers choose to accept a partnership, we begin the process of creating the custom content. Our goal is to create a space where our influencers are in control of the content they create! We want to create natural connections between our food and beverage influencers and brands. By doing this, we keep our influencers creating content they love, while adding the benefit of brand relationships! We do have some qualifications for our influencers that can be found here.


Our Matching Process

Accepting a Mission

Choose to accept the missions you want to! Our food and beverage bloggers have the ability to accept and decline the missions presented to them. We ensure this so our influencers can choose what works with their schedule, and will be authentic to their brand.

Blog Post Preparation 

When our Rainmaker food bloggers accept a mission to work with a brand/product, we begin the process! The process includes setting up the scope of the project, like discussing timeline and specs of the post.

Building the Content

Crafting the perfect content for both our bloggers and brands is our specialty! Our Rainmakers begin, per the specs discussed with the brand, building out the content in their typical fashion! Our Food and Beverage experts at Rainmaker Collective are chosen for a reason, they bring the best to the table!

food and beverage blogger smartphone photoMeasure the Success

We work together to measure the success of the project! This includes looking at performance of the post and evaluating its performance based on the initial goals set.

Earn Money from Food Blogging

Our food and beverage Rainmakers work hard on their projects to deliver. we send payment within 30 days after the project has been completed.

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Are you ready to join our network? Check out our Influencer page to learn more about becoming a food and beverage blogger with Rainmaker Collective. Join our amazing team and start making money for your content ! Contact us to get started!