On this page you will find the answers to many questions influencers have about our network. Click the toggles below to expand their answers.

How does your network work?

Our network is unlike any other. We do all the heavy lifting of matching you up with the right opportunities. Once our system generates the most compatible matches for a Mission, we reach out to you with details and to get your desired compensation.

For those interested in the Mission, we place your bios and desired rate in a proposal for the client to choose who they want to work with. We will let you know if the client chose you to work with them on this Mission.

We will then send you a proposal with all the details for the Mission for you to digitally sign. If a product is required for the Mission, we will send that to you. We ask that you complete the mission before the agreed upon due date. If you have any questions during the Mission, please email your dedicated contact at Rainmaker Collective.

Once you complete your Mission and send the published post and social shares to your contact at Rainmaker Collective, we will process your payment. The majority of our bloggers are paid over PayPal within 48 hours (on weekdays). We can also send your payment via check in the mail but it may take ~2 weeks.

How is pricing determined? What is your typical rate for a sponsored post?

We have two pricing methods:

1. For sponsored posts, we like to give our influencers free range to choose their compensation. We may recommend the common going rate that other bloggers in your niche and traffic range ask for. For each Mission, we send a proposal with several influencer bios and their rates to the client to pick who they want to work with. Compensation usually varies by type of sponsored post (you write vs we write), whether you receive a free product, how long the post might take you, etc.

2. For Mini Missions (aka content promotion), we have a bucket of budget already approved by the client with a certain rate we can use per blogger. Mini Missions are sent in bulk to influencers who qualify (your niche, if you approved this type of collaboration, specific range of pageviews).

What are Mini Missions?

You signed up to be part of Mini Missions if you selected ‘content promotion’ when filling out the various ways you would like to work with clients.

Mini Missions require very little work from you so it’s an incredibly easy way to earn extra money for busy bloggers. Typically, we will send you an infographic or video the client wants to promote. All you have to do is include the client’s content, either in a new post or in a previous post that relates to the content.

There is a flat rate per blogger that is pre-approved by the client. Mini Missions are first come, first serve so we encourage you to respond quickly when you see ‘Mini Mission’ in the email subject line. If you’re not interest in participating, no need to email back. If you want to be removed from Mini Mission emails in the future, please kindly email [email protected]

How do you match blogs with brands?

We’ve developed a computer-generated formula that allows us to look up blogs in our system that match a client’s request based on your niche, pageviews, type of collaboration, location and social shares (when relevant).

Once we receive the list of compatible blogs, we pick 5-10 based on the mission budget and reach out to you with details about the mission to see if you’d be interested.

Who are some brands you work with?

We’ve worked with over 700 clients, both big and small, in pretty much every niche out there. Here are just a few: Garden Goods Direct, My Sister’s Closet Boutique, PSECU, and Cliffside Industries.

Do you work with bloggers of any size?

We do not work with blog farms (multiple blogs owned by the same purpose for the purpose of affiliate/ads/link building). We accept most bloggers into the network. However, many clients have specifications on minimum pageview count required for the Mission.

Do you work with influencers from anywhere in the world?

We are based in the United States, as are most of our clients. However, a number of our brands are internationally-recognized, and we frequently run campaigns that our international influencers qualify for, especially collaboration opportunities that do not involve product reviews.

What are some examples of campaigns Rainmaker Collective has run in the past?

We have run many successful Missions in the past! Here is one of our recent campaigns:

In this sponsored post, Michele of Hello Lovely was tasked with the mission to create a blog post to give readers ideas for how to use Cliffside’s brass hardware collection. No product was actually sent for a review. Instead Michele wrote a post she knew her readers would love and then incorporated some of her favorite hardware styles from Cliffside Industries into the post.


To see more examples of our recent campaigns, organized by type of mission, click here.

How do I update my profile?

You can refill out the Sign Up form – Not all questions are required – with just your name, URL, email and then skip to the questions that you would like to update your info. Please write “UPDATE” in the notes field at the end.

Or you can email [email protected] with any changes to your info.