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How to Create an Awesome About Page for Your Blog

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Even if you’re an amazing writer, growing your following and your subscribers can be tricky.

One of the best ways to bring in new followers is to have an awesome “about me” page for your blog. This gives your new readers an idea of who you are and the kind of things you write about without having to leaf through pages and pages of blog posts.

If you haven’t updated your about page since MySpace was a thing, you’re in luck — we’ve taken the time to outline some step by step instructions to help you write the best about page ever.

1. Realize That it’s Not Actually About You

The first step in writing an amazing about me page is to realize that it’s not actually…. about you. Yes, I know that this sounds a little counterintuitive but hear me out before you abandon ship.

Your reader isn’t looking at your about page to learn about you. They’re reading it to see what you can offer them. Filling up your page with anecdotes about yourself and your achievements will push a lot of readers to that little red X in the upper right-hand corner.

Now, this isn’t to say that you don’t want to include any information about yourself. Depending on your blog, a story about the personal experiences that led you to where you are now could be just the thing to help showcase your brand. Just don’t make it all about you. Show your readers what you can do for them, not what they can do for you.

2. Make It Clickable

Learn this phrase — internal linking. Know it, love it and tattoo it on the inside of your eyelids if you need to. It’s critical for improving your reader retention.

Internal linking is simply adding a hyperlink in your text that leads to another related page on your site. If you refer to another blog that you’ve posted, don’t just talk about it — link to it!

If you refer to a resource that you’ve used in the past, do the same thing — you might be linking to an external site, but it reinforces you as a source for useful information and will bring readers back.

Most sites offer a hyperlink tool — Medium and Microsoft Word let you add a hyperlink by pressing Ctrl-K. Check with your program or blog hosting site to see what their commands and shortcuts are, and learn them by heart.

3. Do Everything In Order

People on the internet enjoy their instant gratification — they don’t like reading large blocks of text. A big paragraph will turn readers away faster than lousy content ever will. That’s why you need to break everything down into smaller chunks of text and put them in the right order. Start with this:

  • Tell them what they can get from your site. Be brief — write one or two sentences at most. This is your hook. You need to sink it deep to keep your readers interested so don’t be afraid to embellish a little or add a bit of a linguistic flourish to set you apart from other content sources.
  • Tell them why you’re the best person to help within the first section. List your qualifications, your achievements and the things that make you uniquely qualified to offer the content you’re providing on your blog.
  • Tell them about you. This is where you can add your blurbs and anecdotes and things that make you, you.
  • Tell them what to do after they’ve read you’re about page. This is so, so important. It’s so important, in fact, that it’s going to get its own section.

Utilize things like short paragraphs, numbered lists and bullet points wherever possible. They break up the text and make it easier to skim, so your fickle reader is more likely to make it to the bottom of the page.

4. Call To Action

This is the section where you tell them what to do next. Don’t leave your about page without a call to action at the end. What you want your readers to do will depend on your brand and your audience. Are you trying to find new clients whom you want to contact you?

Tell them, and provide them with a way to reach you. Phone, email, snail mail, pager, smoke signals — it doesn’t matter as long as they can get a hold of you.

Are you trying to get more people to sign up for your mailing list?

Put your signup sheet at the bottom of the page and tell them.

Do you want people to give you money for the stuff you post (a la Patreon)?


Make that call to action as obvious and easy to follow as possible. You don’t want to make it complicated — remember, the internet loves instant gratification. If they have to jump through flaming hoops while wearing a gasoline soaked suit to get in touch with you, they’ll just click to another page that offers the same thing.

5. Recap

Now, let’s go over it again to make sure it sticks.

  1. It’s not about you.
  2. Add links to everything.
  3. Follow the steps and post everything in order.
  4. Don’t skip your call to action.

See, it’s just that simple? One, two, three, four and you’ve got the perfect about page to bring new readers into the fold and help keep them there.

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments below!

(See what I did there? Don’t forget that call to action!)

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