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How to Create an Awesome Landing Page for Your Blog

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To drive higher conversions and better marketing, install a landing page on your blog. Some blogs use homepages and other content pages cluttered with information as landing pages, which is not best practice. A landing page is to exist apart from the home page and other site pages and its purpose is to promote your content, grow your email list and convert new visitors into subscribers.

In this post, we’ll show you what a landing page is, why it’s valuable and how you can set up a successful one for your blog. Read More

How to Find Sponsored Post Opportunities With a Small Blog

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Influencer marketing climbs as 50 percent of consumers say user-generated advertisements and content inspire them to purchase products and services more than traditional ads. And, 76 percent of consumers purchase products they see online and on social media.

They want honest opinions and stories of businesses and brands, and bloggers provide that content to them. Brands tap into influencer marketing potential by sponsoring posts, which bloggers publish to promote specific products or services.

As a small blog, you want to share your content and get paid for it. Posting sponsored content on your blog provides a variety of benefits, such as free products and merchandise, potential long-term partnerships with brands and recognition as an expert in your niche.

We realized some bloggers have trouble discovering sponsorship opportunities, so we created this guide to get your blog ready for sponsored posts and to help you find sponsorships. Read More

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How to Use Keywords Everywhere to Do Simple Keyword Research

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Knowing how and where to use keywords can be confusing. Google seems to change the way it utilizes keywords on a consistent basis. Keyword stuffing and similar tactics simply don’t work. However, keywords are still useful

Google gets about 66,659 searches every second, but if you aren’t ranked near the top of the search engine results for a particular search phrase, those searches do you no good at all. If you want to grow your blog, figuring out which keywords your competitors are using and how to use Keywords Everywhere create stronger content is a big step toward success. Read More

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The Secret to Getting Hundreds of Shares on Your Blog Posts

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How do some bloggers achieve overnight success with thousands of shares hours after publishing their first post? It can’t all be honest, right?

You bite your lip, trying not to get overly spammy on your channels, but the button on your mouse risks getting worn into nothing as you keep pressing refresh. Come on shares! Somebody share the post already!

What do you do when your content is on point, but your readers are either superheroes with the power of invisibility or missing altogether? Is your theme coded with Green En-Kryptonite or something?

Jokes help for a solid minute, but beyond that — those shares matter. They tell you about how successful you are as a blogger, and I don’t know about you — but I definitely link that to my ego. A while back, my ego suffered badly as a result of low shares. High numbers didn’t matter. I just wanted those few hundred honest shares. Eventually, I put in the work and got them.

They say, “If you build it, they will come.” To that, I say “Ha!” Sure, they’ll come, read and move on. Good content keeps them lurking and hopefully subscribing, but sharing implies an organic and powerful connection you have with a reader.

When you see a share, you let out a little cheer. It rewards your ego and heart, but shares also show social proof and provide authority to other readers and brands that you’ve got your niche down. You know what to say, and you aren’t here to play!

If you’re running a bit low in the share category, don’t worry. Here are some tips to help. Read More

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What Should I Include in my Email Newsletters?

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So, you’ve decided to start a newsletter for your blog. Good call! Do you know what you’re going to put in it yet?

The content of your newsletter is crucial. If your content isn’t interesting and relevant to readers, they won’t stick around and almost certainly won’t recommend that friends sign up to your list. Since it’s so vital, deciding what to include can be daunting at first.

If you don’t know what you’re doing yet, though, don’t worry. Fortunately, it’s not as hard as it might seem to figure out what kind of content to include in your newsletter. Keep in mind, too, that if something doesn’t resonate with readers as much as you thought it would, just make changes to the structure as you go. Read More

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How to Customize Facebook Thumbnails for Your Blog

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Social media is highly visual these days – and for good reason. Mobile devices, which surpassed desktop use not too long ago, can now display high-quality and high-resolution images and videos from anywhere. Computers, laptops, and tablets can display vivid colors and visuals as well.

But it’s not just technology that warrants the use of more attractive visuals. Social media platforms have also encouraged the use of them. Facebook, for example, like most social networks is a visual medium so including images with your posts and status updates creates a more eye-catching piece of content. Not only that, people are more likely to pay attention to and engage with visual content too. Facebook posts that include an image get about 2.3 times more engagement than a post with only text.

Keep reading to learn how to customize Facebook thumbnails on your blog! Read More

7 Ways to Make Your Blog Pinterest-Friendly

7 Ways to Make Your Blog Pinterest-Friendly

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Pinterest is one of the top traffic sources for bloggers, so using it correctly is a great way to enjoy a usage boost. However, if you haven’t used the site before or even looked into it seriously, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed.

After all, it’s a bit different than other social sites because it’s so image-heavy. Fear not! Consider the seven ideas below to be your step-by-step guide to make your blog Pinterest-friendly. Your viewers will appreciate it, and you can anticipate more traffic. Read More

10 Simple Tweaks to Improve Blog SEO

10 Simple Tweaks to Improve Blog SEO

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The loop. It’s that one concept artists strive for. Whether it be a singer, dancer, actor, musician or writer, the loop is what keeps them going. What is the loop? It’s that loop of getting your audience to come back. So many times, people will view your material once and never return to it — which helps in the short-term, but it doesn’t help sustain you.

The loop of getting people to come back to view your material is just one step you can take to improve your SEO. But how exactly do you do this, and what are the other steps involved? Read More