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How to Create an Awesome Landing Page for Your Blog

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To drive higher conversions and better marketing, install a landing page on your blog. Some blogs use homepages and other content pages cluttered with information as landing pages, which is not best practice. A landing page is to exist apart from the home page and other site pages and its purpose is to promote your content, grow your email list and convert new visitors into subscribers.

In this post, we’ll show you what a landing page is, why it’s valuable and how you can set up a successful one for your blog. Read More

How to Find Sponsored Post Opportunities With a Small Blog

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Influencer marketing climbs as 50 percent of consumers say user-generated advertisements and content inspire them to purchase products and services more than traditional ads. And, 76 percent of consumers purchase products they see online and on social media.

They want honest opinions and stories of businesses and brands, and bloggers provide that content to them. Brands tap into influencer marketing potential by sponsoring posts, which bloggers publish to promote specific products or services.

As a small blog, you want to share your content and get paid for it. Posting sponsored content on your blog provides a variety of benefits, such as free products and merchandise, potential long-term partnerships with brands and recognition as an expert in your niche.

We realized some bloggers have trouble discovering sponsorship opportunities, so we created this guide to get your blog ready for sponsored posts and to help you find sponsorships. Read More

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How Long Should I Wait to Monetize My Blog?

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Figuring out the best time to monetize your blog isn’t an easy decision. Should you monetize from day one, or would it be better to wait until your site is getting a certain amount of traffic?

Blogging experts such as Darren Rowse recommend going ahead and monetizing your blog from the beginning if that is your plan. Rather than asking if you should monetize early in the blogging process, it might be better to figure out how you would monetize early on, as well as how that might change as your audience grows. Read More

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What to Understand About Taxes and Blogging

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Many bloggers start as hobbyists and grow to operate a full-blown business, but filing taxes the first few times feels like trying to interpret Egyptian hieroglyphs. While an accountant is helpful as your business grows, you should know that it’s not as difficult to learn about filing your own taxes as you fear.

All you need is the right knowledge and an organized system to get started. Here’s what you should understand about taxes and blogging. Read More

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Serious About Blogging? 10 Things You Must Do to Make Your Blog a Business

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We live in the age of the Internet, where anything is possible if you put your mind to it. You have unlimited resources at your fingertips to connect you with people who will help make your dreams come true, and that includes learning how to make your blog a business.

People pick up blogging for different reasons. Maybe you’re a stay-at-home mom who wants to earn her own income, or maybe you’re a college kid who is desperate for some extra cash. We’ve all been there, and if writing is one of your strengths, blogging can be what helps you get on your feet. All it takes is knowing where to start.

That can be confusing! There are so many sources out there that’ll tell you to start in different places and take different steps to generate an income with your blog. Once you have some basic knowledge about how to get a blog going, you’ll get an idea of where you want to start. Read More

Media Kit Essentials: 7 Things to Include in Your Media Kit

Media Kit Examples: 7 Things to Include in Your Media Kit

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You’re a blogger whose followers have been growing, either by leaps and bounds or slowly and steadily. You’re proud of your work. It’s a pleasure to share your knowledge and passions with an audience.

Sooner or later, you start to wonder if you could monetize the great blog you’ve built.

Maybe you share your passion for South American food. Would kitchen stores be interested in sponsoring you? If you write on global hiking adventures, how about an outdoor clothing brand? After all, these brands sell things your readers can genuinely use — and probably do use. Why not synergize their interests and needs through your blog? You’ll be supplying your audience with convenience and more information about a subject they are already interested in. Read More

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How to Make Money with a Blog

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Once you’ve been blogging for a while, you eventually ask yourself the question, “Could I make money from doing this?”

Making extra cash from your blogging hobby is totally possible — but you have to work at it. Understanding the various income streams you have to choose from is a key aspect of making it happen. But first, you need to have accomplished a few things. No matter your niche or style of blogging, if it appeals to an audience of some kind, you can start working your way toward earning some money from your side gig.

Keep reading to learn how to make money with a blog! Read More

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13 Ways Bloggers Can Work with Brands

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If you’ve been blogging for a while, chances are you’ve started to wonder how you can work with brands. Maybe you view sponsored content as an easy way to add more content to your blog. Maybe you love being helpful to your audience by recommending products they’ll love. Or, maybe you are just looking to earn a little income from your blog. These are all great perks of partnering with companies for some of your content.

There are so many different ways bloggers can work with brands that it can be tricky to keep them all straight. From product reviews, to recipe development, to expert interviews, you can engage your audience with all kinds of branded content. But what are branded guest posts? And what is a “social media takeover”? Read More