Examples of Blog Posts Created by Our Influencers

We have run many successful Missions in the past! Here are a few of our recent campaigns, organized by the type of Mission.

Sponsored Post


In this sponsored post, Michele of Hello Lovely was tasked with the mission to create a blog post to give readers ideas for how to use Cliffside’s brass hardware collection. No product was actually sent for a review. Instead Michele wrote a post she knew her readers would love and then incorporated some of her favorite hardware styles from Cliffside Industries into the post.

Sponsored Post Review


Marquis, the blogger behind Simply Clarke, was given a gift card to spend on My Sister’s Closet Boutique. The mission was to review the clothes she purchased. Our SEO team helped Marquis choose a strong longtail keyword for her title to help garner even more traffic to her post. The post has sent over 100 Simply Clarke readers to My Sister’s Closet Boutique, several of which purchased products due to Marquis’ glowing review.

Read Marquis’ review here.

Sponsored Post (Content Provided)


The content for this sponsored post on The Dedicated House was provided by our writing team and the kitchen hardware experts at Cliffside Industries. Since the content and photos were provided by Rainmaker Collective, all Kathryn had to do was publish the article and share on her social channels.

Check out Kathryn’s sponsored post here.

Content Promotion


Shell partnered with us for a Mini Mission. Mini Missions are usually centered around a video or infographic that the client, in this case PSECU, is looking to promote. The content can be added to an existing blog post on your site or a new page. Shell happened to have an article about cookie mix jars for holiday gifts that PSECU’s infographic regarding mason jar gift ideas was the perfect fit for!

See Shell’s post here.