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Building a Blogging Morning Routine

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Building a Blogging Morning Routine

When you’re working hard at building your blog, it can feel like an all-day job. You’re constantly thinking about what posts you’re going to write and how you’re going to schedule them out, not to mention worrying about marketing your blog across various social media platforms. Blogging can take more work than you might have originally expected, but that doesn’t mean life stops to make time for you.

You still have to go to that full-time job or take care of your kids. Whatever took up the bulk of your day before you started blogging likely hasn’t gone away and won’t anytime soon. So how are you supposed to finish everything you’d normally complete in a day while also running your blog?

If people were asked the question, “When do you have the most free time?” the answer would probably be at night. Everyone works differently, but if your free time is at night, you’re going to get less done in that time period because you’ll be exhausted from what you’ve done during the day. That’s why you should seriously consider building a morning routine for your blogging life, and here are some easy steps to show you how to do that.

Blogging Morning Routine

When you’re trying to sit down with your laptop and get to work first thing in the morning, you’re going to struggle to stay awake. It’ll be tempting to go back to bed and tell yourself you’ll finish your work later, but when your a blogger working from home, it’s not that easy.

Drink your favorite cup of coffee or go for a walk to get your blood pumping. If you have a regular exercise routine, move it to write your blog posts after you wake up. Prep school lunches for your kids or take a shower. Whatever it is that’ll keep you awake while you write is something you should try in your new blogging morning routine.

Gather Your Thoughts

Once you’re wide awake, make a mental list of what your blogging goals are for today. Are you going to create a list of topics to write about in the future? Will you finally write those blog posts based off the topic list already on your phone? Maybe you’re going to update your website or social media profiles. Make a blogging morning routine of what you’re going to do in the morning and get going! Make sure to take advantage of some of the most popular note-taking apps so you can organize your thoughts on the go.

Struggling to gather your thoughts because you’re not sure what you should even be thinking about? Schedule part of your morning time to include a moment to dream. Think about what you want people to read on your blog and how you want them to access it. You’ll find things you still need to do, like tweeting about that last post you forgot to link to your social media or brainstorm ideas for future posts. Even if you don’t do anything on your list, having your thoughts together is still be a step forward.

Set Realistic Expectations for Morning Blogging

Part of your blogging morning routine might be better spent setting expectations of yourself that you’ll be able to reach every morning. When you’re a blogger, you have to figure out what your role is in order to make your website work. You have to be equal parts writer, designer, publisher and marketer. Each of those roles has to be broken down into the assignments they do, and then you need to schedule those out.

Don’t know where to start? Begin with where your strengths lie. If you’re great at writing, use the bulk of your morning time to get those posts written. If you’re better at the publishing side of blogging, use that as motivation to get your posts done so you can edit, revise and post. Decide how to use your strengths to get work done, and then set realistic expectations based on what you discover.

Stay Focused

Even if you’ve got your goals listed and expectations set reasonably high, you can still find yourself failing to accomplish what you set out to do. This is because life is full of distractions, and sometimes you don’t even know you’re distracted when it’s happening. This can be especially true if your morning blogging routine is going to be followed by you getting ready for work or waking the kids up.

To make your blogging morning routine a successful one, learn how to stay focused. Identify your distractions and do everything in your power to remove them. Put your phone on silent, move yourself to a different location or take breaks to let your mind rest. Try multiple methods to keep yourself focused on your blogging morning to-do list so you can walk away from your laptop feeling successful.

Make Your Morning Routine as a Blogger

Blogging in the morning is important for every blogger to try. You’re going to have to battle some sleepiness, but you won’t have anything else pressing on your mind if you get up early enough. You’ll have the time and space to focus on what you need to do to get those new subscribers or shares. If you wait until night to open your laptop and work on your blog, you might find yourself waking up with your laptop still on and no actual work accomplished.

Instead, set your alarm a little earlier. The thought may be painful now, but it’ll quickly become worth it. Morning is the perfect time to devote yourself to something like blogging about your passions. Doing something you love will give you extra motivation to continue through your day and succeed at everything you do.

If you blog in the morning, you’ll come home at night ready to relax. You won’t have to worry about anything you might still need to do because you’ll have already gotten everything done. That will free up your time to be better spent with loved ones or doing something to unwind at the end of a long day. Try it out for yourself and you’ll see just how much having an everyday morning routine as a blogger will improve your life and your blog.

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