How to Multiply Your Most Popular Content

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With over 400 million blogs existing across multiple platforms, you want to know how to stand out. One way to increase your reach and audience — multiply your most popular content. Some bloggers find it difficult to know how to find their top performing posts and then use them to generate new ideas and better results.

In this post, we will show you how to identify your most popular content, use it to generate new ideas, re-purpose it to perform better and offer ideas on how to share it to reach more people.

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How to Make Your Sponsored Posts More Successful

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Person typing on computer29 percent of consumers say traditional banner ads and pop-ups distract and ruin the user experience and advertising agencies are catching on. Advertising strategies have been shifting to a more personal approach. Influencer marketing is a huge part of the shift.

We’re here to help those influencers (you) make sponsored posts successful through optimizing them for user experience and for search engines. Doing both will help boost your performance metrics and conversion metrics.
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How to Write a Strong & Engaging Sponsored Post

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With influencer marketing taking the internet by storm, brands and business want to work with influencers who write compelling content and improve their user experience.

Sponsored content generates a lot of engagement and benefits businesses in more ways than one — increased reach, successful brand partnerships, extra income and happy readers. Research shows sponsored content boosts a website’s and brand’s credibility by 33 percent and improves the user experience when content is accurate, trustworthy and relevant.

But how do you tell if your content will succeed? We wrote this post to tell you how much money you can make with your sponsored content and the 10 elements to include in your content to make it strong and engaging every time.
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How to Create an Awesome Landing Page for Your Blog

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To drive higher conversions and better marketing, install a landing page on your blog. Some blogs use homepages and other content pages cluttered with information as landing pages, which is not best practice. A landing page is to exist apart from the home page and other site pages and its purpose is to promote your content, grow your email list and convert new visitors into subscribers.

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How to Find Sponsored Post Opportunities With a Small Blog

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Influencer marketing climbs as 50 percent of consumers say user-generated advertisements and content inspire them to purchase products and services more than traditional ads. And, 76 percent of consumers purchase products they see online and on social media.

They want honest opinions and stories of businesses and brands, and bloggers provide that content to them. Brands tap into influencer marketing potential by sponsoring posts, which bloggers publish to promote specific products or services.

As a small blog, you want to share your content and get paid for it. Posting sponsored content on your blog provides a variety of benefits, such as free products and merchandise, potential long-term partnerships with brands and recognition as an expert in your niche.

We realized some bloggers have trouble discovering sponsorship opportunities, so we created this guide to get your blog ready for sponsored posts and to help you find sponsorships. Read More

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Why Creating a Style Guide for Your Blog Is Important

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If you’ve been writing for a while, you’ve probably encountered content style guides, especially when producing material for others. A style guide often includes specifics such as desired content length, language and spelling preferences, how to handle symbols in text and whether to use the Oxford comma. However, you might not have thought of style guides associated with entire blogs.

Does your blog need one? Yes. Keep reading to learn what is a style guide and why it’s important. Read More

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Important Legal Tips to Understand Before You Start Blogging

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You’ve chosen several topics and angles, picked a content management platform and used your social media profiles to spread the word about how you’re entering the blogging world soon. What’s left? Making sure you know the basics about legal concerns that could arise when you’re a blogger.

Please Note: We are not lawyers and this is not legal advice! Just some things to consider learning more about and looking into as your blog grows. Read More

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How to Use Keywords Everywhere to Do Simple Keyword Research

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Knowing how and where to use keywords can be confusing. Google seems to change the way it utilizes keywords on a consistent basis. Keyword stuffing and similar tactics simply don’t work. However, keywords are still useful

Google gets about 66,659 searches every second, but if you aren’t ranked near the top of the search engine results for a particular search phrase, those searches do you no good at all. If you want to grow your blog, figuring out which keywords your competitors are using and how to use Keywords Everywhere create stronger content is a big step toward success. Read More

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How Long Should I Wait to Monetize My Blog?

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Figuring out the best time to monetize your blog isn’t an easy decision. Should you monetize from day one, or would it be better to wait until your site is getting a certain amount of traffic?

Blogging experts such as Darren Rowse recommend going ahead and monetizing your blog from the beginning if that is your plan. Rather than asking if you should monetize early in the blogging process, it might be better to figure out how you would monetize early on, as well as how that might change as your audience grows. Read More

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Best Practices for Using Numbers in Your Blog Posts

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You already know how to use words to your advantage. Each day, you craft engaging blogs that draw readers in time and time again.

But there’s one way to make your posts stand out even more: by incorporating numbers with your words. You’ve probably seen other blogs use this method in titles, with pieces promising “7 Tips” or “10 Ways” to do something valuable for the reader. Using figures and statistics within your articles will make things even more eye-catching.

Why? Because these figures make you seem like more of an authoritative source. If you can back up your claims with numbers, it makes each tip, trick or fact look even more substantial.

With that in mind, here are four of the best practices for using numbers in your blog posts. Read More