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Are you A Fashion and Beauty Blogger?

Makeup brushes, curling irons, a new pair of jeans. You’re passionate about fashion and beauty and love sharing it with the world. You update your following about the latest trends and the best products to buy. You write frequently about the brands you love and the products that have transformed your lifestyle. We get it, our fashion and beauty influencers here at Rainmaker Collective feel the same way. We see their passion for the beauty industry come to life in every sponsored post they create. Does this sound a lot like you? Our influencer network at Rainmaker Collective has the power to take your passion to the next level. We make becoming a fashion and beauty influencer simple.


Taking Your Fashion and Beauty Blog to the Next Level

Content creators know how much work goes into creating content for your blogs. Choosing the products your audience is interested in, testing it out, writing it out, publishing it. For most fashion and beauty bloggers, their blog is everything to them. It’s not work when you enjoy what you do. Which is why as a beauty blogger agency, we don’t want to take over our influencers blogs. We don’t want to make all of your future posts sponsored and create a whole new blog. We want to take your passion, and add to it by connecting you to our clients products that will be a natural fit for your content style. Becoming a fashion and beauty blogger shouldn’t be difficult, or require you to change your style at all.


beauty brushes for beauty bloggersBecoming a Fashion and Beauty Blogger with Rainmaker Collective

So how do you become a paid beauty blogger with Rainmaker Collective? We build mutually beneficial relationships between our clients who want their products marketed by our amazing group of influencers. Our process works like this:

  • Matching Fashion and Beauty Bloggers to our Beauty Industry Clients

We create the best matches for our influencers based on their interests and their blog content. We want to create matches for our Rainmakers that are authentic to the content they’re already creating. From there, we craft a plan with goals and set deliverables for the mission. 


  • You Accept the Mission

Choosing to accept the mission is completely up to our fashion and beauty influencers. Their blogs are theirs and we want to ensure the content they will be building will be the best fit for them. 

  • Collaboration on Content

When a Rainmaker accepts, we ensure our Rainmaker receives the product and we create a timeline together. Timelines are based on the project goals and deliverables worked out by the influencer and the client.

  • Creating the Content 

The best part for our Rainmakers – crafting the content! Our Rainmakers take their skills and put their all in creating great content for our clients. The fashion and beauty industry relies on content creators to review the best out there and deliver for our audience, and our Rainmakers do just that!

  • Measure the Results 

We’ll collectively measure the success and reach of the campaign! We gain insight on how the project is performing for the influencer and the fashion and beauty client.

  • Make Money For Your Fashion and Beauty Blog!

We ensure our Rainmakers get what they deserve when working with us. After the project is completed, we send payment within 30 days.


beauty influencer getting makeup doneAre You Ready to Become a Fashion and Beauty Blogger?

Are you ready to join our network of fashion and beauty influencers? We do have some requirements for our Rainmakers as we want to create an amazing partnership for our clients. Check out our Influencer page to learn more about what it takes to become a fashion and beauty blogger with Rainmaker Collective. Join our amazing team of influencers and clients today! Want more information? Contact us with any questions you have!