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How to Add Content Upgrades to Your Blog

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Although blogging is rewarding, keeping traffic levels high and continually engaging your readers can be tough. Like many bloggers before you, maybe you’ve hit a plateau and aren’t sure how to boost readership again, plus give readers content that’s relevant and interesting. Content upgrades could help you achieve all those goals and more.

What Are Content Upgrades, and Why Are They Valuable?

You might have heard about content upgrades in passing, but haven’t researched how to use them for your site. Basically, they are freebies you offer in a blog post that relate to the content and meet a need readers probably have.

Besides giving your blog visitors access to even more stuff that matters to them, content upgrades can rapidly expand the size of your email list. That’s because instead of just giving a reader a link to click on to get the extra material, you could request an email address in exchange for the freebie.

By the time readers get to the end of what’s hopefully a well-written, thoughtful post, you’ve already done a lot to make them trust you. Provided you choose the right kind of content upgrade — the kind readers don’t want to pass up — they’ll willingly give you their email addresses because they believe you are a trustworthy person and you are offering something they genuinely want.

Plus, when you can demonstrate there is a full assortment of valuable freebies that relate to blog posts, it’s easier to convey to readers that you’re an authority figure. If you’re feeling stuck while trying to come up with new blog post topics, you might even browse through the free things available to offer and use them as jumping-off points.

Ideas for Content Upgrades to Insert Into Posts

Now that you understand more about what content upgrades are, you’re probably already thinking about potential additions to blog posts. The possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to types of content upgrades.

However, the ones you use most often largely depend on the content you write. For example, if you just created a post on a travel blog that details your favorite packing tips for international journeys, you might include a checklist content upgrade that contains all the items you never leave home without. On the other hand, a cheat sheet would be an appropriate addition to an information-rich post on any topic, because it highlights the most important material.

As a starting point, think about the kind of content upgrades you’d most like to get if you were reading your blog. Ideally, the ones you pick to supplement the content are exciting for readers and help demonstrate that you’re tuned in to the things that matter to them.

Using the Thrive Leads Plugin to Add Content Upgrades

We’ve just covered the basics of content upgrades, and you might already be thinking about ones to add to your blog soon. The next step is learning an actionable way to add content upgrades to your blog. By using a WordPress plugin called Thrive Leads, it’s possible to do it with several easy steps, which we’ll cover below.

We’ll focus on one of the newer offerings from Thrive Leads that allows you to create lead groups, because it lets you pick numerous kinds of content upgrades to include. First, go to your Thrive Dashboard by clicking on the WordPress menu link on the left side of your screen. The dashboard has five sections, and you’ll notice there’s one called Lead Groups. See the blue Add New button next to the header? Click on it.

That action generates a pop-up box where you can create a title for the lead group. Pick one that relates to how you’ll use it. After typing the title into the Lead Group Name box, click the green Add Lead Group button.

You’ll then see your new lead group in the respective section. Notice there are three icons to the right of it, and one looks like a plus sign. Click it to expand the details about the lead group. In this section, you’ll find the various types of content upgrades to add, such as lightboxes and widgets.

Each content upgrade type has a toggle button enabling you to select whether or not to display it on people’s mobile devices. There are also Add and Edit buttons on the right side of the screen. By clicking on the Edit button for the content upgrade you want to use, you can tweak characteristics about how often to show the addition to a single person, whether you want it animated and the trigger action that makes the content upgrade appear to a reader.

After you change those settings to your liking, click the green Save button at the bottom of the screen. If you decide you’d rather start over again, there’s a gray Cancel button, too.

Even if you’re a complete content upgrades novice, Thrive Leads makes adding them to your blog a straightforward process. Once you start becoming more familiar with how the plugin works, it’s easy to experiment and see which content upgrades gain the most traction with your readers. That’s because Thrive Leads has a section of the dashboard devoted to A/B testing, which helps you determine the kinds that achieve the best statistics.

Thanks to the Thrive Leads plugin, adding content upgrades is something you can do in minutes. As a result, you could see increased traffic to your blog, along with an increase in the number of people who are ready and willing to provide their email addresses — in exchange for educational or otherwise desirable material that relates to what they just read in a post.

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