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How to Write Relatable and Conversational Blog Posts

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In school, your teachers probably warned that using informal language was one of the fastest ways to get a low grade on a paper. But, once you’re writing outside of academia, an element of casualness could be one of the most worthy ways to connect with readers. Below, we’ll cover some techniques to write conversational content, plus go over other ways to make your blog more relatable. Read More

How to Create an Awesome About Page for Your Blog

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Even if you’re an amazing writer, growing your following and your subscribers can be tricky.

One of the best ways to bring in new followers is to have an awesome “about me” page for your blog. This gives your new readers an idea of who you are and the kind of things you write about without having to leaf through pages and pages of blog posts.

If you haven’t updated your about page since MySpace was a thing, you’re in luck — we’ve taken the time to outline some step by step instructions to help you write the best about page ever. Read More

Building a Blogging Morning Routine

Building a Blogging Morning Routine

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When you’re working hard at building your blog, it can feel like an all-day job. You’re constantly thinking about what posts you’re going to write and how you’re going to schedule them out, not to mention worrying about marketing your blog across various social media platforms. Blogging can take more work than you might have originally expected, but that doesn’t mean life stops to make time for you.

You still have to go to that full-time job or take care of your kids. Whatever took up the bulk of your day before you started blogging likely hasn’t gone away and won’t anytime soon. So how are you supposed to finish everything you’d normally complete in a day while also running your blog?

If people were asked the question, “When do you have the most free time?” the answer would probably be at night. Everyone works differently, but if your free time is at night, you’re going to get less done in that time period because you’ll be exhausted from what you’ve done during the day. That’s why you should seriously consider building a morning routine for your blogging life, and here are some easy steps to show you how to do that. Read More

Blogging Better, Faster: How to Write Better Blog Posts Twice as Fast

Blogging Better, Faster: How to Write Better Blog Posts Twice as Fast

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Blogging is an important part of any online marketing strategy. Not only does it allow you to build trust with your target audience and upload new content online, but it also can help search engine crawlers find your website and promote it through relevant searches. Unfortunately, creating a high-quality blog post can take some time.

You don’t need to waste days creating one blog post. If you approach the task with the right outlook and plan, you can get a high-quality blog post completed in a matter of a few hours. Not only can you get more done, but you can also improve the quality of your posts to attract even more attention.

If you’re tired of wasting days creating one mediocre blog post, here is a strategy you can use to write better blog posts in less time. Read More

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Serious About Blogging? 10 Things You Must Do to Make Your Blog a Business

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We live in the age of the Internet, where anything is possible if you put your mind to it. You have unlimited resources at your fingertips to connect you with people who will help make your dreams come true, and that includes learning how to make your blog a business.

People pick up blogging for different reasons. Maybe you’re a stay-at-home mom who wants to earn her own income, or maybe you’re a college kid who is desperate for some extra cash. We’ve all been there, and if writing is one of your strengths, blogging can be what helps you get on your feet. All it takes is knowing where to start.

That can be confusing! There are so many sources out there that’ll tell you to start in different places and take different steps to generate an income with your blog. Once you have some basic knowledge about how to get a blog going, you’ll get an idea of where you want to start. Read More

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How to Customize Facebook Thumbnails for Your Blog

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Social media is highly visual these days – and for good reason. Mobile devices, which surpassed desktop use not too long ago, can now display high-quality and high-resolution images and videos from anywhere. Computers, laptops, and tablets can display vivid colors and visuals as well.

But it’s not just technology that warrants the use of more attractive visuals. Social media platforms have also encouraged the use of them. Facebook, for example, like most social networks is a visual medium so including images with your posts and status updates creates a more eye-catching piece of content. Not only that, people are more likely to pay attention to and engage with visual content too. Facebook posts that include an image get about 2.3 times more engagement than a post with only text.

Keep reading to learn how to customize Facebook thumbnails on your blog! Read More

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How to Find Time to Blog When You Work Full-Time

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There is nothing like the thrill of sharing thoughts and ideas with others. Managing, designing and writing a blog is one of the most rewarding experiences you can give yourself, and can be a serious source of income if managed resourcefully.

The bummer is, you’ll have to work a full-time job until you get there. It can take a lot to get your feet off the ground if you’re new to blogging, and if you’ve been maintaining a blog for a while, you understand what it’s like to feel behind and exhausted by a recklessly busy life.

The truth of it is, we all get the same 24 hours each day. How will you spend yours? Here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when managing a blog while holding down a full-time job.  Read More