The Secret to Getting Hundreds of Shares on Your Blog Posts

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How do some bloggers achieve overnight success with thousands of shares hours after publishing their first post? It can’t all be honest, right?

You bite your lip, trying not to get overly spammy on your channels, but the button on your mouse risks getting worn into nothing as you keep pressing refresh. Come on shares! Somebody share the post already!

What do you do when your content is on point, but your readers are either superheroes with the power of invisibility or missing altogether? Is your theme coded with Green En-Kryptonite or something?

Jokes help for a solid minute, but beyond that — those shares matter. They tell you about how successful you are as a blogger, and I don’t know about you — but I definitely link that to my ego. A while back, my ego suffered badly as a result of low shares. High numbers didn’t matter. I just wanted those few hundred honest shares. Eventually, I put in the work and got them.

They say, “If you build it, they will come.” To that, I say “Ha!” Sure, they’ll come, read and move on. Good content keeps them lurking and hopefully subscribing, but sharing implies an organic and powerful connection you have with a reader.

When you see a share, you let out a little cheer. It rewards your ego and heart, but shares also show social proof and provide authority to other readers and brands that you’ve got your niche down. You know what to say, and you aren’t here to play!

If you’re running a bit low in the share category, don’t worry. Here are some tips to help. Read More

What Should I Include in my Email Newsletters?

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So, you’ve decided to start a newsletter for your blog. Good call! Do you know what you’re going to put in it yet?

The content of your newsletter is crucial. If your content isn’t interesting and relevant to readers, they won’t stick around and almost certainly won’t recommend that friends sign up to your list. Since it’s so vital, deciding what to include can be daunting at first.

If you don’t know what you’re doing yet, though, don’t worry. Fortunately, it’s not as hard as it might seem to figure out what kind of content to include in your newsletter. Keep in mind, too, that if something doesn’t resonate with readers as much as you thought it would, just make changes to the structure as you go. Read More

What to Understand About Taxes and Blogging

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Many bloggers start as hobbyists and grow to operate a full-blown business, but filing taxes the first few times feels like trying to interpret Egyptian hieroglyphs. While an accountant is helpful as your business grows, you should know that it’s not as difficult to learn about filing your own taxes as you fear.

All you need is the right knowledge and an organized system to get started. Here’s what you should understand about taxes and blogging. Read More

How to Make Your Blog Posts More Relatable and Conversational

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In school, your teachers probably warned that using informal language was one of the fastest ways to get a low grade on a paper. But, once you’re writing outside of academia, an element of casualness could be one of the most worthy ways to connect with readers. Below, we’ll cover some techniques to strike a sweet spot with the language used, plus go over other ways to help readers relate to what you say. Read More

How to Create an Awesome About Page for Your Blog

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Even if you’re an amazing writer, growing your following and your subscribers can be tricky.

One of the best ways to bring in new followers is to have an awesome “about me” page for your blog. This gives your new readers an idea of who you are and the kind of things you write about without having to leaf through pages and pages of blog posts.

If you haven’t updated your about page since MySpace was a thing, you’re in luck — we’ve taken the time to outline some step by step instructions to help you write the best about page ever. Read More

Building a Blogging Morning Routine

Building a Blogging Morning Routine

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When you’re working hard at building your blog, it can feel like an all-day job. You’re constantly thinking about what posts you’re going to write and how you’re going to schedule them out, not to mention worrying about marketing your blog across various social media platforms. Blogging can take more work than you might have originally expected, but that doesn’t mean life stops to make time for you.

You still have to go to that full-time job or take care of your kids. Whatever took up the bulk of your day before you started blogging likely hasn’t gone away and won’t anytime soon. So how are you supposed to finish everything you’d normally complete in a day while also running your blog?

If people were asked the question, “When do you have the most free time?” the answer would probably be at night. Everyone works differently, but if your free time is at night, you’re going to get less done in that time period because you’ll be exhausted from what you’ve done during the day. That’s why you should seriously consider building a morning routine for your blogging life, and here are some easy steps to show you how to do that. Read More